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    How to apply Empty How to apply

    Post  Admin on Fri Jan 01, 2010 2:13 am

    If you want to join Tryst in our raids, there are two diffrent ways you can do this.

    1. You can apply membership in the Tryst guild, and if accepted get an invite to the guild and be able to join all Tryst raids as a full member.
    2. You can let us know that you want status as “Friend of Tryst” which means you won’t join the guild but will get invites to all our runs on the in game planner.

    Members will get priority on the spots in a raid, but when we don’t have enough members available the Friends of Tryst will be offered spots.

    Either way your first step should be to register at this forum. This will give you access to the tactics we use and will offer a place where you can get to know our members better.

    This is how you register:
    1. Choose Register on your top menu
    2. Choose username and password (Username should be your raiding chars name)
    3. Confirm password

    When you have done this you will have to wait for our admin to activate your account. When you have registered and are waiting for activation you should log on to WOW and send an in game mail to Aust, telling him that you have applied and that you are waiting for activation.

    Aust will send you an in game mail (or whisper you if your online) when your account have been activated. With your activated account you will be able to log onto the forum and read our rules and tactics.

    When you have logged in you should go to your message central (choose “You have no new messages” on the top menu). Then you compose a new message (choose “New Message”)
    This message should be sent to Admin
    In the message you copy/paste the following template and fill it out with your answers.

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    How to apply Empty Template

    Post  Admin on Fri Jan 01, 2010 4:02 am

    Tryst Application Template

    Name (character):


    Age (Player):

    Applying as Member or Friend of Tryst:

    Main Role (Healer, Tank, Melee, Ranged):

    Off Roles(Do not have to be part of a dualspecc, but speccs that you are comfortable playing and building gear as):

    Why you want to raid with Tryst:

    Why do Tryst want to raid with you:

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